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Setting up Hue with your bed

As part of our AIDEN SLEEP SERVICE, you can allow AIDEN to prepare your sleep environment in the evening and help you wake naturally in the morning. 

  • Before you start

In order to work, your Philips Hue Bridge must be connected to the same wifi network as your bed.

Your phone must also be connected to that wifi network. This is true during setup as well as while you are trying to control your lights within the BRYTE App.

AIDEN can adjust both the brightness and color temperature of your lights. However, some Hue lightbulbs allow only one color temperature setting. 

To learn about your lightbulbs, visit Hue's website. See the technical specifications to find the color range of light output for your bulb.

Even if you already have Hue Lights installed, you will need to be home to set up Hue in the BRYTE App.

  • Install your Philips Hue Bridge & Lights

Please visit "Get started with Philips Hue" for complete installation instructions.

Before moving on, you should be able to control the lights in your bedroom with your Hue app.

Having trouble? Visit Philips Hue Support for help.

Note: To avoid conflicting settings, be sure you do not have any evening or wake routines enabled for your bedroom in the Hue app.

  • In the BRYTE App, set your evening lighting

In the Tonight card, tap "Enable Hue Lighting" and follow the app instructions to connect to your Hue bridge.

To make it easy to preview, your lights will adjust while you are setting your brightness and color temperature preferences. They'll return back to normal once you're done.

Having trouble connecting? See "My Hue lights are not found during setup" for help, or watch the instructional video below.

  • Set your morning lighting

In the Tomorrow card, tap "Enable Hue Lighting" and follow the app instructions to set your morning lighting preferences.

  • Enjoy!

As long as you have Hue Lighting enabled, AIDEN will dim your lights before your bedtime and slowly brighten them before your wake time.

If you and your partner have different sleep and wake times, AIDEN will control the lights according to the earliest sleeper and the latest waker. We don’t want to disturb anyone’s sleep. 

To disable, simply click on “Evening/Wake Lighting Enabled” and select “Disable Lighting.

To disconnect your Hue bridge from your bed, go to Settings > your bed > Connected Integrations > tap Philips hue lights > tap "Disconnect."

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