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How do I set up my Personalized Sleep Assist?

If you did not set up your Personalized Sleep Assist in your initial setup, follow the steps below.

  • Set up Sleep Assist

Press "Select Bedtime." Go to bed whenever you'd like, but this is the time AIDEN™ will have your bed ready.

Press "Select Bed Temperature." Choose whether AIDEN should warm or cool your bed, or if you'd prefer no change be made.

If you have Hue Lights, select "Enable Hue Lighting." This will begin setup with your Hue Bridge. See "Setting up Hue with the BRYTE Bed" for directions. If you do not have Hue or do not wish to complete setup at this time, skip this step.

If you have already configured your Nest Thermostat with your BRYTE BED, select "Enable Nest Thermostat". Unfortunately, due to Google ending their "Works with Nest" program, new users will not be able to use this integration.

Press "Done."

Depending on your settings, you'll see icons allowing you to manually control your sleep environment.

Press the Settings icon to adjust your preferences.

To turn everything off, press the Settings icon and then press the toggle that appears in its place.

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