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How do I set up my Personalized Wake Assist?

  • Set up "Wake Assist"

Press "Select wake time." As with bedtime, this is the time at which AIDEN™ will help wake you gently. Sleep as long as you'd like, and you can manually adjust any of these settings approaching your wake time.

Press "Enable Bed Warming." Choose "Enable Bed Warming" if you would like AIDEN to warm your bed approaching your wake time to help cue your circadian rhythm. Choose "Disable Bed Warming" if you'd rather not.

Press "Enable Dynamic Lull." Select "Enable Dynamic Lull" if you would like AIDEN to begin a relaxing Lull at your wake time. It'll last 5 minutes, but you can manually run it again from the dashboard. Select "Disable Dynamic Lull" if you'd rather not.

Press "Enable Hue Lighting." Choose "Enable Lighting" if you'd like AIDEN to begin a natural "sunrise" with your Hue Lights approaching your wake time. Select the room, brightness, color temperature, and how long you would like your lights to fade in.

Press "Done."

You will see a summary of AIDEN's plan for your morning. 

Press the Settings icon to adjust any of these.

Before your wake time, your "Wake Assist" card will display at the top of your dashboard, with icons to manually control your wake environment.

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