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Do I have to set up an account?

Your privacy is our priority, and we've built our BRYTE App with that in mind. 

To use the BRYTE BED™, you do not need to create a BRYTE Account. We make it easy for you to use your iCloud (for iOS) or Google Drive (for Android) to seamlessly log in to your BRYTE App. 

Don't worry, we won't have access to your email or account information. For an explanation, see "Does BRYTE have access to my iCloud or Google Drive?" 

Once you log in anonymously, a link between your BRYTE data and your personally identifying information is stored in iCloud or Google Drive. BRYTE has no mechanism to access that personally identifying information. Instead, BRYTE receives data only related to how your bed is performing. However, we will not be able to tell whose bed it is. 

If you need help with your bed, you will need to explicitly give us permission to identify your bed. You can do this by using the 'Request Help' feature in the app. Once your issue is resolved, we destroy the information linking you to your bed in our records.

If you would like to create a BRYTE Account, you can do so, but it is not required. The only time you would be required to create a BRYTE Account is if you were to switch from iOS to Android, or vice versa. 

For more information, see "How do I upgrade to a BRYTE account?" and "How do I switch from Apple to Android?"

You can see a breakdown comparison of account types in "BRYTE Account vs Anonymous Account."

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