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How do I adjust the temperature of my bed?

AIDEN™ can adjust your bed temperature or you can set it manually.

AIDEN can: 

  • pre-warm, pre-cool, or keep your bed neutral before your bedtime  
  • adjust your temperature throughout the night to keep you sleeping
  • warm your bed in the morning to help you wake naturally

You can manually adjust the temperature by:

  • selecting max cool, cool, heat, max heat under the Temperature tab in each card on your dashboard 
  • through the night, when your sleeping, you can select a warm or cool boost

The pre-cool, neutral or pre-warm is called AIDEN's Personalized Sleep Assist and is set on the Tonight card. AIDEN's Wake Assist can warm the bed in the morning. You can also set the Wake Assist to turn on the Dynamic Lull™ and your Hue Lights. 

If you enable Overnight Temperature in your Overnight card, AIDEN will then adjust your bed temperature to keep you comfortable. No need to configure the different temperatures yourself but you can select from cool low, medium cool, and cool high, depending on your preference.

Each morning, you will be asked if your bed felt too hot, too cool, or just right before bed and overnight. If you were too hot or too cool, AIDEN will adjust your bed accordingly for the next night. AIDEN will keep doing this until you are sleeping comfortably and say 'Just Right'. 

Every night you sleep in your BRYTE BED™, AIDEN will continue learning you, making subtle adjustments to the support and temperature of your bed to improve your sleep. 

Anytime you want to make an adjustment, just let AIDEN know.

  • How to ask AIDEN to adjust my bed temperature

Press the AIDEN icon in your dashboard, answer the questions, be sure to select "done", and AIDEN will adjust the temperature accordingly for your next night.

  • How to change bedtime preference

In your Tonight card, navigate to the question "What temperature would you like your bed to be in the evening?

Press the field below below the question to select warm, cool, neutral, or disabled.

  • How to enable or disable overnight temperature regulation

In your Tonight card, scroll down to Overnight Temperature Enabled (or Disabled). Tap to change.

If enabled, you have three overnight temperature options: Cool Low, Cool Medium, and Cool High The cool low option provides a moderate cooling level, only allowing for a soft white noise. The medium cool option allows for a slightly more aggressive cooling, allowing for a moderate amount of white noise. The cool high option is the highest cooling option, not restricting its white noise. 

  • How to change wake preference

You can adjust your wake temperature by enable or disabling Bed Warming in your Tomorrow card. 

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