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Setting up your BRYTE BED

BRYTE's White Glove Delivery includes full setup of your bed and app. If you are setting up your bed after a move, follow these steps.

If you have already set up your bed and are looking to set up your app, follow the steps in "Setting up your BRYTE App."

Please review our "Important safety instructions" prior to beginning.

  • What we will provide
  • 2 BRYTE Bases, for the left and right sides of the bed
  • 1 BRYTE Comfort Layer
  • 1 surge protector, found in the left base access panel upon delivery
  • 16 risers, if not using a bed frame
  • What you will need
  • At least two people
  • 120V three-prong wall outlet within 8’ (for queen) or 7’ (for king/cal king) of either side of your bed
  • A bed frame - For requirements, see "Choosing a frame for your BRYTE BED"

  1. Make sure you have a compatible frame and position for your bed.

Your frame will need to allow the underside of the bed to breath. See the above link for details on compatible bed frames.

Your bed will need to be positioned near a power supply and away from any vents or heaters. The foot of the bed will need to be away from furniture or walls for proper ventilation. For more information, see "Positioning your BRYTE BED."

  1. If using risers, remove plastic wrap from both bases and attach to bed underneath

  1. Place BRYTE bases on the frame
  1. Side matters! Orient bases so access panels are toward the middle.
  1. Leave a gap between the left & right sides to allow space for routing cables in the next step
  1. Remove plastic wrap if you have not already

  1. Route cables
  1. Open access panels panels on both sides.
  1. Locate main power cord, remove plastic wrap, and route through right base as shown. Do not plug into wall yet.
  1. Locate interconnect cables, remove plastic wrap, and route from right side to left side and connect as shown.
  1. Close right access panel.
  2. Locate comfort layer connection cable and route through access panel.
  1. Once cable connections match this diagram, zip up the access panel.
  1. Slide the bases together.

Note: We've marked cables blue and yellow. Match colors for easy connecting. 

  1. If desired, place base wrap over bases before adding comfort layer

  1. Place comfort layer on the bases, leaving connections exposed
  1. Before placing, ensure that the head (the end with a cable) is aligned over the head of the bases.
  1. Place comfort layer so that base connections are exposed.
  1. Remove plastic wrap.
  2. Connect the left base with the comfort layer as shown.
  1. Tuck connected cables into left base access panel as shown.
  1. Align comfort layer over bases.

  1. Plug power cord into surge protector & surge protector into wall

In order for your warranty to be active, you will need to have your bed plugged into the provided surge protector.

  1. You are now ready to set up your BRYTE app.

See "How to set up your BRYTE App" for instructions.

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