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Positioning your bed

  • Leave it empty underneath

To ensure that nothing interferes with your heating and cooling system, we advise you to keep the area under your bed completely clear and be sure there is a minimum two inch gap between the underside of the bed and the surface below.

  • Allow a gap on either side

If you need to position one side near a wall, we suggest leaving at least a two inch gap between the bed and the wall. 

  • Leave the foot clear

Just as the underside of the bed needs space for ventilation, you will need to allow air at the foot of the bed to pass freely to the surrounding room. Please be sure it is not blocked by a bed skirt, furniture, or a wall.

  • Keep away from heaters

As you wouldn’t place a dresser or bookshelf over a heater, we advise you to not place your BRYTE BED over one either.

  • Be mindful of vents & windows

Especially during the winter months, a drafty window can greatly reduce air temperature. An open heater vent can greatly increase air temperature. These fluctuations affect your bed’s ability to maintain your preferred temperature. To ensure optimal performance, position your bed away from these.

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