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Bryte Sleep Trends Explained

At Bryte, our vision is to help people live longer, more productive lives.  We do this by using technology to create an intelligent sleep platform to enhance each person’s sleep experience.  

AIDEN’s goal as your personal sleep expert is to keep moving you towards a more restful, better quality of sleep. This is accomplished by adjusting the Bryte Restorative Bed based on your input as well as your sleep data.   

We track a long list of data points. The key ones include:

  • Sleep duration: length of time asleep
  • Sleep continuity: number of wake ups and duration awake time
  • Sleep efficiency: percent of time asleep vs in bed
  • Sleep score: an easy, understandable, at-a-glance view of sleep quality based on sleep duration, continuity, and efficiency
  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Sleeper temperature
  • Room humidity
  • Room temperature

We do not show data like a traditional sleep or fitness tracker. Rather than get lost in the 10 million data points we analyze a night, we prefer to take a few steps back to see the big picture. AIDEN assesses your sleep trends over time and will adjust your sleep environment, including dynamic support and temperature, to continually move towards optimal sleep. As needed, AIDEN will share insightful and actionable information to you, the Bryte sleeper. 

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