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How do I move my bed?

Like any piece of valuable furniture, you will want to take extra care when moving your BRYTE BED.

For steps to disconnect and reconnect your bed safely, see the following articles:

To make moving your bed a breeze, we recommend the following tips:

  • Cover your bed

Protect your bed with moving blankets or other wrap so that it does not become dirty from floors or moving trucks.

  • Store the cords

Tuck all cords into their openings so they do not become damaged or interfere with moving.

  • Use wheels

A furniture dolly can be especially useful for moving the bases.

  • Get help

While two people can do it, we recommend three people to help lift and position the bed. Treat it as you would any other electronic device by ensuring that it does not fall or bang against anything. As with any move, be sure that pets and children are supervised. 

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