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Disconnecting your bed for a move

Upon delivery, our team will connect your bed and help you set up your BRYTE App. 

If you need to move or reposition your bed, you can follow these steps. 

Please review our "Important safety instructions" prior to disconnecting your BRYTE BED.

  1. Unplug your surge protector and BRYTE BED

Completely unplug your bed so that it is no longer powered.

  1. Disconnect the Bases & Comfort Layer

Move the head of the comfort layer down so you have access to the top of both bases.  

Unzip the left access panel and disconnect all cables

There will be

  • two from the Comfort Layer
  • two from the right Base

  1. Store all cables & zip access panels

Draw base connection cables and power cord back into the right base.

Zip access panels to keep cords safe while moving.

  1. Move the BRYTE BED & reconnect

See "Setting up your BRYTE BED" and "Setting up your BRYTE App" for steps to reconnect.

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