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Your first week sleeping BRYTE

Your first week with your BRYTE BED™ is an exciting time! AIDEN, your personal sleep expert, will be learning your unique preferences and sleep habits. You will be asked questions like:

This will help AIDEN get to know your preferences and initially set up your BRYTE BED. AIDEN will adjust over time until everything is just right.

Over the course of one to two weeks, AIDEN will prepare your personalized sleep environment, overnight temperature, and wake assist to help you fall asleep quickly, stay snoozing soundly, and wake up naturally.  

Every morning after you sleep in your BRYTE BED, you can let AIDEN know how comfortable your bed temperature and support was by answering the questions under the AIDEN tab in your app. AIDEN will use that information, along with data about your actual sleep quality, to prepare a more comfortable bed for you the next night.

AIDEN will do the work for you, all you need to do is let AIDEN know what you are and aren’t liking after each night’s sleep until your sleep experience is perfectly tailored to you.

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