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Setting up your Bryte App

Bryte's White Glove Delivery includes full setup of your bed and app, though we'll leave the personal preferences up to you. 

We will make sure everything is connected, troubleshoot if needed, and run quick health checks to verify that all is well. 

Then, we'll get out of your bedroom so you can relax with your new bed.

  • What you will need

  1. Download the Bryte bed & Sleep Service App

Download the app that is compatible with your phone - iOS or Android.


Get it on Google Play

  1. Open the app and select "New User"

You'll need to make sure iCloud drive is on for this step. If you need help, see "How do I turn on iCloud drive?"

Selecting "New User" automatically creates an anonymous account in which we utilize your Apple iCloud drive or Google Account (not our own database) to associate your sleep data with you. We do not store your sleep data on your drive; just a small piece of information that we then use as your anonymous ID. 

This prevents us from ever linking your data to any personally identifying information, unless you choose to do so when requesting help. We always destroy private id numbers after troubleshooting issues are resolved.

To learn more, read "Our approach to privacy" and "Does Bryte have access to my iCloud or Google Drive?"

If you're not sure how to log in to your iCloud account on your phone, see "How do I log in to iCloud?"

  1. Meet AIDEN

You will be taken through a series of screens that will introduce you to AIDEN and tell you what to expect in your first week. 

Tap "Continue" to go to the next screen.

Tap "Let's Get Started" to begin setup.

  1. Choose a nickname

While this can be your real name, it doesn't have to be. Choose whatever you'd like. 

  1. Connect to your bed

Follow the app instructions for connecting to your bed. 

Tap "Continue."

Once connected, choose a name for your bed. You'll skip this step if your partner already named your bed.

Having trouble connecting? See "I'm not able to connect during setup" for help.

  1. Choose a side

Select which side you will be sleeping on. If you're a solo sleeper, select "Both Sides."

As shown in the app, side is determined by standing at the foot facing the bed.

Note: You'll see the nickname of anyone currently assigned to the bed. Assigning your self to their side will unassign them from the bed.

  1. Set up bed wifi

If your partner has already set up wifi, you won't be asked to do this step. 

Connecting your bed to wifi allows it to receive updates and gives you full access to all of BRYTE's sleep improving features.

Tap "Continue" to scan for wifi networks.

Select your network and enter the password.

Having trouble? See "I'm having trouble setting up wifi" for help.

  1. Connection complete

You have successfully connected your bed with your Bryte App! 

Hit "Continue" to begin setting up your profile.

  1. Bryte Dashboard

At the top of your dashboard, you'll see your messages from AIDEN.

The "Sleep Assist" card will take you through a series of questions about how AIDEN can prepare your environment for sleep.

The "Wake Assist" card will allow you to set your preferences on how AIDEN can help you wake refreshed in the morning.

  1. Set up "Sleep Assist"

Follow the app instructions to set preferences for your bedtime and bed temperature.

If you have Hue, you will be able to integrate and set preferences for these as well. Hue only needs to be set up once per bed. To walk through the steps, see "Setting up Hue with your bed".

Depending on your settings, you'll see icons allowing you to manually control your sleep environment.

Tap the Settings icon to adjust your preferences.

To turn everything off, tap the Settings icon and then tap the toggle that appears in its place.

  1. Set up "Wake Assist"

Follow the app instructions to set preferences for your wake time, bed temperature, and the Dynamic Lull.

If you have Hue lights, you can set preferences for your morning lighting as well. If you didn't set up evening lighting, you'll need to go through Hue setup. See "Setting up Hue with your bed"

Tap the Settings icon to adjust any of these, and use the toggle to turn everything off or on.

Before your wake time, your "Wake Assist" card will display at the top of your dashboard, with icons to manually control your wake environment.

  1. You're ready!

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