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My Nest thermostat did not adjust or adjusted incorrectly.

Due to Google ending their "Work with Nest" program, new users are no longer able to integrate their BRYTE BED with Nest. If you have already configured your bed with Nest and are experiencing issues, read this article for a few troubleshooting tips. 

  • Check that your thermostat is powered on

If your thermostat did not adjust, be sure it is receiving power. 

See Nest Support to troubleshoot your thermostat. 

  • Check settings

Double check what your overnight room temperature setting is in your BRYTE App. 

If Nest is enabled and set to a temperature, your overnight home temperature will display in the summary of your "Tonight" card. 

If you need help changing your settings, see "How do I change my overnight home temperature?"

  • Check your bed and thermostat's wifi connections

Both your Nest thermostat and your bed need to be connected to wifi in order for your settings to update.

If you're having trouble with your bed's wifi connection, see this article: "I am not able to connect to my bed."

If you're having trouble connecting to Nest, see Nest Support to troubleshoot your thermostat. 

  • Reboot your phone & bed

Restart your phone and reboot your bed by unplugging it, waiting one minute, and plugging it back in. 

  • Still having trouble?

Don't hesitate to reach out. Email us at or find another way to reach us.

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