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When I try to stop something, nothing happens.

If you are trying to stop something, such as the Lull or your bed pre-heat, and it doesn't stop, try these solutions. 

  • Check that you are connected to your bed

You will need to have wifi, cellular, or bluetooth enabled on your phone in order to communicate with your bed. 

See this article for help connecting to your bed: "I am not able to connect to my bed."

  • Change your settings

Navigate through the tabs of either your "Tonight" or "Tomorrow" card and disable the setting you wish to stop.

  • Reboot your bed

Unplugging your bed will stop all operations which are running.

When you plug it back in, it will resume operating according to your settings.

  • Still having trouble?

Don't hesitate to reach out. Email us at or find another way to reach us.

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