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Tips for arranging, making, and caring for your BRYTE BED™

  • Where to place your bed

Your bed should be placed so that the base, sides, and foot are well-ventilated and away from any sources of hot (or very cold) air. 

See "Positioning your bed."

  • What to put on your bed

Use the bedding of your dreams, however, you'll want to avoid anything that could block airflow. This includes bed skirts, mattress toppers, and protective covers. 

Don't worry; the material over your bed's Comfort Layer is water resistant and easy to spot clean.

See "Making your bed."

  • How to care for your bed

Keep the underside of the bases dust free to ensure the heating and cooling system works properly. You can do this by using a duster or vacuum. How often you dust will depend on your home. 

As mentioned above, you can spot clean your Comfort Layer. Although it does unzip, washing it will reduce its water resistance.

See "Cleaning and caring for your bed."

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