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BRYTE BED Features

The world's most intelligent sleep platform gets better the more you sleep on it. 

We have built several features to achieve the following goals:

  • To help you fall asleep quickly

A good night's sleep begins well before your head hits the pillow. With your preferences, AIDEN™, your personal sleep expert, will prepare your personalized sleep environment.

  • Set a weekday and a weekend bedtime. Consistency is key with getting quality sleep. You can change these anytime you'd like.
  • Dynamic Lighting™. Connect your Hue lights to set a relaxing brightness & color temperature as you finish your day. This can be a good cue to begin your bedtime routine to maintain your consistent sleep habits.
  • Dynamic Temperature™. Dead of winter? A warm, cozy bed will help you snuggle in and relax. Warm climate? AIDEN can give you a nice cool bed to make sure you're comfortable quickly. Don't worry; with our Dynamic Dual Sides™, you and your partner can have different preferences.
  • Dynamic Lull. Tap "Start Dynamic Lull" and drift off with our personalized sleep assist, a meditative wave motion to center your mind, slow your thoughts, and get you focused on relaxing your body.
  • To help you dream deeply
  • Allow AIDEN™ to gently regulate the temperature of your bed while you sleep. Keeping cool and comfortable means less time fussing with covers and fans, and more time catching deep sleep zzz's. With three cooling modes, you’re sure to stay cozy all night. The cool low mode provides a moderate cooling level, only allowing for a soft white noise. Cool medium mode allows for a more moderate level of cooling while restricting some noise. Cool High is the highest level of cooling, not restricting any white noise. We recommend starting with the Cool Medium option to see if that keeps you comfortable, then increasing or decreasing as necessary. 
  • Customize your bed support and eliminate pressure points with our Dynamic Coils. You have endless options for your Signature Profile. But that doesn't mean you need to lay still. As you move, AIDEN will adjust the dynamic support of your bed throughout the night to keep you sleeping soundly.
  • To help you wake with energy
  • Wake up in a warm bed. Long before your alarm clock, AIDEN™ can naturally lift you out of sleep by gradually warming your bed.
  • Create your own sunrise. Set up morning lighting with Hue and AIDEN™ will cue your body that it's time to wake, with your Hue lights slowly fading on to mimic a sunrise.
  • Schedule a Lull. At your wake time, our personalized wake assist will activate our Dynamic Lull to ease you into the day.
  • To learn and improve
  • Quick tuning. During your first week, AIDEN will collect feedback to quickly establish a comfortable experience.
  • Personalized learning & improvement. Each night you sleep in your BRYTE Bed, AIDEN™ will analyze your sleep and apply small changes to improve your sleep's quality.
  • Simple and useful sleep information. You'll see weekly Sleep Trends from AIDEN giving you a summary of the most helpful data. If there are any abrupt changes or important notes, AIDEN will share those as needed.
  • To use on demand

Need a power nap? Sleeping in? Our app makes it easy to modify AIDEN's plan or wind down for quick nap.

  • Turn everything off. Going away for the weekend? Tap the settings icon in your Tonight and Tomorrow cards, and tap the toggle to disable all Sleep Assist or Wake Assist features.
  • Dynamic Lull. You can start the Lull at any time by using the designated lull tab in your Tonight or Tomorrow cards. Once the lull begins, tap the timer to adjust the lull's run time. 
  • Evening Bed Temperature. Going to bed early? Start your bed warming (or cooling) before your bedtime. It takes a little over an hour, so be sure to plan ahead. You can also stop your bed warming at any time in the app.
  • Morning Bed Temperature. We hope you can enjoy your sleep all the way until your wake up time, however, you can start your bed warming early if you'd like. In about an hour, it will be nice and cozy.
  • Stop Wake Assist. With one button, you can tell AIDEN to let you sleep. AIDEN will leave the lights, the bed warming, and the Lull off so you can rest.
  • Dynamic Lighting™. At any time, you can turn on or off your bedroom lights by selecting the lightbulb tab. Make sure your phone is on your home's wifi network, as Hue requires this to adjust the lights.
  • Give AIDEN™ feedback. Tap the AIDEN icon to give feedback on your bed's comfort last night. AIDEN will use your responses to adjust your bed tonight.
  • To customize as needed
  • Your Sleeper Profile. Adding demographic information allows us to use your data to refine our learning algorithms for the larger community of BRYTE sleepers. You can be completely anonymous and still contribute this valuable data.
  • Sleep Tracking. With Sleep Tracking enabled, AIDEN will collect information related to your sleep quality and bed's performance. This is necessary to receive the full benefits of our AIDEN SLEEP SERVICE. It is also necessary in order for us to remotely assist you, should your bed encounter issues. If you'd like a little more privacy from time to time, you can toggle it off.
  • Dynamic Coils Profile™. You can customize the level of support on each of the eight zones of your bed. We have a few pre-set profiles for you. Change these as often as you'd like. And yes, your partner can have their own preferences. 
  • Side of the bed. You'll select this as part of your setup, but you can change it at any time. We won't stop you from choosing your partner's side. If you do, they will be removed from the bed and asked to assign themselves next time they open their app.

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