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Manage your privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We have built two features that allow you to manage your privacy:

  • Use an anonymous account

Unless you explicitly choose to create a Bryte Account during setup, new accounts are automatically created to be anonymous.

If you created a Bryte Account and wish to become anonymous, you can switch by going to your Settings > Account > Switch. 

  • Temporarily Disable Sleep Tracking

We understand that you might want a little more privacy from time to time, even when anonymous. We have created an easy on/off switch to stop all data collection. Go to Settings, and tap Sleep Tracking. Tap "Disable" and "Enable" as needed.

Note that disabling Sleep Tracking will also prohibit the AIDEN™ learning and improving features. Additionally, we will not have a record of your bed's performance if an issue does arise. 

Remember to "Enable" Sleep Tracking to fully benefit from AIDEN and the remote diagnostics available from Bryte Support.

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