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Making it all connect: bluetooth & wifi

Your BRYTE BED™ has the ability to make a bluetooth or wifi connection.

The following outlines features available when using only bluetooth, as well as additional features available when using a wifi connection to the BRYTE Cloud. 

  • Available over bluetooth
  • Ability to connect to bed and set up wifi network
  • Manual adjustment of dynamic surface support
  • Bed warming or cooling in the evening
  • Overnight temperature regulation
  • Manual start of the Dynamic Lull
  • Scheduled bed warming in the morning
  • Scheduled Dynamic Lull in the morning

  • Additional features available with wifi

A wifi connection to the BRYTE Cloud is required to enjoy our AIDEN SLEEP SERVICE. You can also set your preferences and adjust your bed using wifi, just as you can over bluetooth. But with wifi, you'll connect more quickly.

  • AIDEN's adjustments to the dynamic support
  • AIDEN's adjustments to your evening bed temperature
  • AIDEN's adjustments to adjust the overnight bed temperature
  • Dynamic Lighting™ with Hue 
  • Sleep Trend summaries from AIDEN
  • AIDEN's personalized learning and adjustments to optimize your sleep
  • Firmware updates to your bed
  • Remote troubleshooting from BAT Support

We highly recommend using wifi with your BRYTE BED to allow AIDEN to learn your sleep habits, adjust your sleep environment, and improve your sleep experience.

If at any time you'd like a little more privacy, you can always turn off AIDEN's Sleep Tracking. 

Learn more in "Manage your privacy."

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