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Bryte Restorative Bed™ Traditional Warranty

The Bryte Restorative Bed includes a five year full warranty, with an option to add a three year extended warranty. The following outlines Bryte's Limited Bed Warranty coverage.

This Limited Bed Warranty applies to defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from the time your Bed is purchased by you, when the Bed is used normally for its intended purposes and with Proper Setup.

Beds are designed to work (a) on a firm, solid surface, and (b) on a bed base that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of the Bed and user(s) and allows adequate airflow around the base according to the operating and set up instructions. 

What is not included:

This Bed Warranty does not cover your Product if you use it in a manner incompatible with the intended design, any documentation provided with the bed, or common sense; or Misuse of the Bed.

  • A normal increase in softness of the foam, pressure-relieving material that does not affect the pressure-relieving qualities of the Bed. 
  • Comfort preference. 
  • Physical abuse, excessive use, use beyond normal sleep use, misuse, or damage to the structure and/or cover material, including but not limited to, burns, cuts, tears, smoking in bed, liquid damage, or stains; provided, that the defect is caused by such abuse or damage.  
  • Unauthorized opening or tampering with the top mattress or bases, except for the removal of the top fabric cover of the mattress.
  • Modifications of the Bryte Restorative Bed or any of its physical or electronic (hardware, software, or firmware) components.
  • Use of third-party extension cords and surge protectors.
  • Use in harmful environmental conditions (excessive or low temperature, humidity, etc.) or outdoors.
  • Replacement of any non-defective pieces in the Bryte Restorative Bed 
  • A Bed sold by resellers who are not authorized retailers. 
  • Beds sold “as-is”, “preconditioned”, “reconditioned”, “used”, “comfort return”, “returned”, “previously owned”, or any other similar wording indicating that the Bed is not “new” or of “first quality” or has previously been purchased or used by another consumer. 


  • This limited Bed Warranty extends to the original purchaser of the Bed who is located in the United States. 
  • The “original purchaser,” for the purposes of this Bed Warranty, is the first purchaser of the Bed from Bryte.
  • All Bryte limited warranties are not transferable.

The full warranty details can be found here:

To purchase an extended warranty or initiate a warranty claim, please email us at

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