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Humidity: A sleep factor you may not have considered

Have you ever stopped to wonder about lesser known factors that might be interrupting your sleep? There are some factors that come to mind, of course: alcohol, exercise levels, and stress can all be a hindrance on your beauty rest. Humidity is also a big factor in getting good sleep, too much or too little humidity can be a bad thing. The ideal humidity range in the bedroom is 30-50%, this can be monitored with a hygrometer. The BRYTE BED also tracks your room humidity.

Too much humidity? A warm, humid night means your sweat cannot evaporate, and your body cannot cool itself down. This leads to waking up periodically throughout the night, and possibly even having trouble falling asleep--not a great sleep environment! Luckily, there are a few quick fixes to get your sleep back on track. Moisture wicking sheets can be incredibly helpful when dealing with humidity. Think of your favorite athletic wear, but in sheet form. Moisture wicking sheets can help keep you cool and dry, even if the humidity is fighting against you. If you have AC, running the AC for a few hours before bed is helpful. This gets the cool, dry air circulating in your room which is very helpful in getting rid of the excess moisture in the air. No AC, no problem: fans help to circulate the air and increase airflow for a better night’s sleep, and a dehumidifier helps to pull the moisture out of the air. 

Not enough humidity? We do need at least some humidity in the air for a comfortable night's sleep. If you dip below the 30% humidity mark, the air is too dry. Dry air can actually irritate your nasal passages and cause a dry, itchy throat, which in turn makes it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleeping in low humidity can also exacerbate dry lips, skin, and hair. If this sounds familiar, particularly throughout the winter months, consider investing in a humidifier to put a little more moisture in the air for the betterment of your sleep. 

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