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Are there different levels of overnight cooling?


We strive to keep you sleeping cool and comfortable, whether you want the bed just a little chilly or quite a bit colder. Therefore, we offer three different levels of overnight cooling: Cool Low, Cool Medium, and Cool High. The option to select your preference will be in your Tonight Card settings at the bottom. Be sure to select Done once you make your cooling decision!

Cool Low will offer the lowest level of cooling, Cool Medium offers a moderate level of cooling, while Cool High is the strongest. While all of our levels are designed with you in mind, Cool High makes a pleasant white noise sound while it is cooling. We recommend starting your BRYTE nights with Cool Medium and increasing or decreasing as desired. 

Wake up too hot? Check out this article detailing our Max Cool boost feature. This will give you an extra cool boost lasting for two hours, plenty of time to get you back asleep and catching zzz's. Once the two hours is over, your bed will return to your overnight climate setting.

As always, you can give AIDEN™ feedback on the overnight cooling so the adjustments will be taken care of for you.

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