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Key Features of the Bryte Restorative Bed™

All of the features of the Restorative Bed and Restorative Intelligence™ system is based on sleep science and focused on helping each individual reach their optimal sleep needs. Key features include:

  • Bryte Dual Sides - Ideal for couples with differing sleep patterns and habits, each side provide an independent personal sleep environment, optimized for each, allowing couples to sleep soundly, together.
  • Bryte Relaxation: An active soothing wave motion intended to relieve the stresses of the day and lull you to sleep.  You can select this manually anytime or configure the wake assist to use the Relaxation to help you wake along with subtle bed warming and simulated sunrise. 
  • Bryte Active Temperature: The Bryte Restorative Bed's Active Temperature has the ability to warm or cool each side separately or in one full zone. The temperature can be used to pre-warm or cool the bed prior to bedtime, to manage the temperature of the bed overnight, as well as provide a boost of warmth or cool at any time.
  • Bryte Active Coils for perfect support: Each King size bed has 100 computer-controlled pneumatic coils separated into 16 zones which adjust to your body in real-time. Science-based algorithms will subtly adjust throughout the night to minimize pressure points, keeping you comfortable to reduce any interruptions in the night. Based on your sleeping position preference of side, front, or back, the Bryte Restorative Bed will adjust to a support profile that is typically most comfortable to our Bryte sleepers.  Once this is set, it will actively adjust through the night.  
  • Bryte Sleep Analysis: After a night's sleep, the Bryte Restorative Intelligence system will analyze your sleep data to determine the amount of time in each stage of sleep. The analysis will share the importance of each stage of sleep and also share comparable benchmarks to your peers. Each night you sleep on the Restorative Bed, you can view your sleep results as the Intelligence system will continue to adjust to provide your best possible sleep.

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