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Bryte Restorative Bed Installation

What you need to know when setting up the Bryte Restorative Bed

    First, set the two bases onto the bed frame. Ensure that the small openings on one side of each base are facing each other and at the head of the bed, this is where the cords will connect the bases.

    You will want to leave a bit of space between the bases for the setup process.

    Do not plug the bases into the surge protector at this time, this will happen last.

    Each base has a zippered compartment in one of the top corners, unzip this to see the cords to connect.

    There will be two cords to connect the bases to each other, they should be color-coded to ensure they connect properly.

    Pull the cords through the small opening on the sides of each base and connect them to one another.

    Once you are confident the cords are connected and secure, pull whatever slack there may be back into the zippered compartment, and you may now push the bases together.

    There are two cords that connect the bases to the mattress itself, these are located in the left base - pull these cords through the slit in the zippered compartment in preparation for connecting to the mattress.

    Put the mattress on top of the bases, leaving some space near the head of the bed for the connection to be made.

    Connect the cords you pulled from the bases to the cord exposed from the mattress and push whatever slack there may be back into the zippered compartment.

    Slide the mattress into place.

    At this point you may plug the bed into the wall or surge protector.

    Open the Bryte App on the tablet provided.

You may also view a Bryte Bed installation video.

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