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Privacy & Feedback

Privacy Concerns

Ease your guests' minds by confirming with them that the bed is completely anonymous, and all preferences are cleared from the tablet with each new guest. If the guest would like to create a profile so that it can travel with them for their next visit to a hotel with a Restorative Bed™, they can create an account and their data will be maintained.

Giving us Feedback

The guest will have a prompt each morning that asks them a few questions about their sleep experience. They may also give us written feedback in the app. If a guest inquires as to how to give us feedback, you may walk them through these steps. From the dashboard, the guest may tap the 'Bryte Bed' button at the bottom right of the screen. It will take them to this screen:

Tapping 'Give Feedback' will take them to a form on our website where they may send us a message!

Purchasing the Bryte Bed

Your hotel should have a promotional code to give guests that want to purchase the Bryte Restorative Bed. (If you are unaware, please ask a manager). The guest may go to our website,, to learn more and purchase the bed.

Additionally, they may access our website on the tablet. Guests would tap 'Bryte Bed' in the bottom right of the main dashboard. They will be taken to this screen:

By tapping the 'BRYTE Bed' option they will be taken to our website where they may learn more and purchase the bed as well.

When a guest just wants to sleep

Is there a guest who does not want to try the bed? There are two options for them to proceed. 

  • First, they could simply not touch the tablet and it would stay on the main screen offering a demo or personalize. 
  • Second, they may select personalize, and go through the steps, select off for the features, and not use the tablet afterward. 

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